Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The paintings move seamlessly between the representational and the abstract in a robust freely rendered expressionist manner.
  The purpose of these pictures is to portray nature through the landscape. The compelling qualities of this subject are its vitality and freshness while displaying infinite capacity for rejuvenation. To express this random energy with static medium such as a painting presents a challenge that is not realized through pictorial mimicry. The use of exaggerated tone and colour accentuate light and shadow while visible drips and under drawing contribute to represent the raw complexity of the landscape. It is the unrefined properties of the mediums used that convey the energies that nature exudes. The non-descriptive textures, drips and lines perform as a metaphor for the randomness of fallen leaves and branches wind, erosion, dappled light etc.
The result is a fresh painterly interpretation of the Australian landscape combining images of abstracted foliage fragments and standard landscapes to depict the painters’ experience.
from  2002  exhibition - James Harvey Gallery  


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